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"Hilariously twisted, emblematic of the new, weird Seattle."

    -  City Arts Magazine

In 2009, while working on their “anthropological” documentary exploring gender and sexuality in the thriving underground of neo-burlesque, Wes Hurley and Marc Kenison started talking about building a fictional narrative around the outrageous bigger-than-life burlesque character of Waxie Moon.

They quickly realized that like Waxie Moon herself, the film would have to straddle multiple and often clashing planes of being – raw and refined, high art and pedestrian, male and female, ridiculous and sublime. In February of 2010 they checked into the notorious Edge Water hotel and in less than two days wrote the screenplay, drawing inspiration from Goddard, Fellini, Dreyer, Douglas Sirk, Fassbinder, Tennessee Williams, early silent cinema, as well as Sex in the City, John Waters, Jean Genet and 70’s exploitation. In the script, the genre and era of the film became fluid to fit Waxie’s ever changing place in the world and her emotional states – which meant hundreds of costume changes for a huge cast, plus musical numbers, special effects, and dozens of locations.

At the time it seemed like an exciting but daunting challenge for a feature film with a budget of just over $10,000. Fortunately, Seattle’s artistic community rallied behind the film. Co-producer and award-winning designer, Jennifer Zeyl brought on board, the acclaimed costume designer, Harmony Arnold, who took on an unprecedented task of making a micro-budget film look like a million bucks.  Within a month some of the city’s best actors, performance artists, musicians, designers, dancers and choreographers eagerly joined the cast and crew.  

"Waxie Moon in Fallen Jewel" premiered at the Tel Aviv Lesbian and Gay Film Festival in 2012. It was translated into and subtitled into Japanese for screenings in Japan in the fall of the same year.  The European premiere in Glasgow followed.  At the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival the film played to a packed house where it "brought the house down, and was named runner-up for the festival's Best Feature award." (The Stranger).  Following its festival success "Fallen Jewel" became a cult classic in Seattle where it's been screening at the Central Cinema for the past six months.  These screenings have been hosted live by cast members including Waxie Moon, Jinkx Monsoon, Sarah Rudinoff and BenDeLaCreme and featured live performances by such boylesque stars as Jett Adore, Paris and Trojan Original and the Luminous Pariah.  Audiences at the "Fallen Jewel" screenings are encouraged to engage with the film as they would in a live burlesque show - cheer, clap, boo, hiss, make throw up sounds and dress up in over the top fashion inspired by the film.  Stay tuned for details about "Fallen Jewel" screenings near you and the video release early next year. 


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